A Great List Of Winning Essay Topics For High School Students

Writing an essay in high school can be difficult for the average student, but when you don’t know what to write about it can become even harder. Soon you will find out how you can create your own titles from scratch and write an awesome paper, which will land you a good grade. You just need to know the different tips and trick that are out there, which you will be able to use to your advantage. You just need the right mentality, because at times it can become frustrating. So read on to find out the top tips and tricks that are out there. With that thought in mind here is a great list of winning essay topics for high school students.

  • What is it like to be a high school student?

  • The many problems of school life today

  • How can we prevent bullying?

  • What would you change about high school?

  • Are the teachers teaching the correct things?

  • How will schools function from 10 years from now?

  • How will schools function from 100 years from now?

  • The complete history of schools

  • Do you agree with the educational system?

  • What are the many faults in today’s schools?

  • Should we separate the boys from the girls when going to school?

  • Will we replace teachers with robots in the future?

  • Will we need schools in the future?

  • How can we improve the school systems?

  • Why is school important in modern society?

  • If you could change one thing about school what would it be?

  • Are we teaching children unnecessary topics?

Those are just a few sample titles that you can use yourself, but make sure that you understand the subject first. Otherwise, you will just be setting yourself up for disaster, since you won’t really understand the subject fully. Instead what you want to do is pick a header that you already know about, because you don’t have to do as much research. Thus, leaving you time to do other things like proof reading, which is very important. However, if you want to learn about a new subject then pick a title that you think you might enjoy, but have in mind that you will have to do a lot more research.